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Sabine Zweig & Philippe Beaufour

SuryaSoul® – Dance Of Life Creator

SuryaSoul® Creator, Trainer, Teacher in Tanz, Yoga, Tao, Mudras, Meditation, Music & Lifestyle

Sabine & Philippe both draw from more than 30 years of research & practice. They each have been dancing life together for more than 20 years with intensive teaching experience and continuously inspiring others with their dedicated SuryaSoul life-style. They have been both living partly in Auroville India since 1996, and have had the opportunity to study under extraordinary spiritual & academic guidance of teachers. During about 30 years of committed ongoing education in practice and philosophy, they have explored different Dance, Yoga, Meditation, Healing, Tantra and Tao Practices including their historical and philosophical backgrounds.  As Adventurers Of Life and Light they follow the call of Soul Alignment, cultivating personal connections with human souls through movement & meditation. 

They are leading unique transforming India Retreats since 2006 and have been teaching worldwide since 2004 in trainings, retreats, festivals, congresses, hospitals, group and individual sessions.

Sabine has been living with a chronic lymphatic condition since birth which has required her to spend time in hospitals and clinics. Dance, Yoga and Meditation have become a healing journey for her after following the call of becoming an inspiration for many people through movement and dance events. She is also an architect and designer by profession. 

Philippe traveled to India when he was 28 years old to join Auroville, the international project on human unity created in 1968. Trained in Taoist martial arts, he manifested his vision to connect these movement forms to music. 

They are living in Auroville/India and Hamburg, Germany for more than 28 years. 

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